2016 Show Results

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Show Results for 2016

Date Name Location
Mar. 4-5 Pony Club Holly Hill
Mar. 11-12 Cancelled Double Rainbow Farm
April 8-9 DR Spring
May 13-14 Club Show #1 DREC
June 3-4 Club Show #2 HAEC
July. 10-11 Hidden Acres HAEC
Aug. 28-29 DR Summer DREC
Sept. 9 K9 Holly Hill
Sept. 18-19 Club Show #3 DREC
Oct. 22-23 DR Halloween DREC

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2016 NLEA Results


Walk Trot

Champion- Sterling Rimmer

Reserve Champion- Eve Burcz

3rd- Leah Sanford

4th- Mia Hoover

5th- Sarah Franklin


Poles on the Ground

Champion- Sarah Franklin

Reserve Champion- Sam Martin

3rd- Leah Sanford

4th- Sterling Rimmer

5th- Alyson Mobley

6th- Emilie North


Beginner Hunter

Champion- Sinner’s Prayer

Reserve Champion- Oti

3rd- Givenchy

4th- Due Dilligence

4th- Charlie

6th- Anna Karenina


Beginner Equitation

Champion- Madison Widmer

Reserve Champion- Claudia Switzer

3rd- Brooke Tuminello

4th- Tru Chambliss

5th- Alaina Seagroves

6th- Emilie North


Mini-Stirrup Hunter

Champion- Simon Birch

Reserve Champion- Clear Blue Sky

3rd- Summer’s Day

4th- Lena Jenan

5th- Hakuna Matata

6th- Sinner’s Prayer


Mini-Stirrup Equitation

Champion- Brooke Tuminello

Reserve Chammpion- Madison Widmer

3rd- Sally McKenzie

4th- Emilie North

5th- Sterling Rimmer

6th- Eve Burcz


Short/Long Stirrup Hunter

Champion- Surprise Package

Reserve Champion-Ooh La La

3rd- Merci Beaucoup

4th- Black Lace

5th- Dancing in the Rain

6th- Two Blues for You


Short/Long Stirrup Equitation

Champion- Brett Youssi

Reserve Champion- Mackenzie Brown

3rd- Max Mayeaux

4th- Caroline Dean

5th- Ashley Bergeron


Pre-Child/Adult Hunter

Champion- Ferrari

Reserve Champion- Home Before Midnight

3rd- Cassidy

4th- King Triton


Pre-Child /Adult Equitation

Champion- Casey Tonnies

Reserve Champion- Cate Engle

3rd- Caitlin Covington

4th- Daisy Kallenberg

5th- Alex Prymek


Non-Pro Equitation

Champion- Casey Tonnies

Reserve Champion- Kate McGauly

3rd- Cate Engle

4th- Lindsay Mc George

5th- Rowan Davidson

6th- Daisy Kallenberg


Schooling Hunter

Champion- Arko

Reserve Champion- Midnight Hour

3rd- Lyric

4th- Ferrari

5th- Winston

6th- Summer’s Day


Modified Child/Adult Hunter

Champion- Arko


Modified Child/Adult Equitation

Champion- Alex Prymek

Reserve Champion- Mary Elizabeth Smith


Child/Adult Hunter

Champion- Ferrari


Child/Adult Equitation

Champion- Caitlin Covington


Working Hunter

Champion- Ferrari

Reserve Champion- Cassidy


Level 0 Jumpers

Champion- King Triton

Reserve Champion- Lyric

3rd- Just Do It

4th- Renaissance

5th- Summer’s Day

6th- Just Passed Friday


Level 1 Jumpers

Champion- Zinfandel


Level 2-4 Jumpers

Champion- Call It Courage

Reserve Champion- Consensus


img_4282USEF Rule Book Chapter GR1110 General states:
6. As a service to members, the Federation may from time to time advise exhibitors when points are not able to be counted, but the responsibility for checking standings and ensuring that eligibility requirements are met remains solely with the exhibitor.

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