Organize a Show

Organizing an Approved NLEA Show

To have your show recognized by the NLEA, send us:

1. Copy of your Class List
2. NLEA Show Packet and
3. $100.00 ($50.00 refundable, see packet)

Mail to:

Raegan St. John
1860 Adner Road
Haughton, LA  71037

The Earning Points page lists the divisions, offered at your show, that will be recognized by the NLEA.  Divisions on the page do not constitute a Class List.  Click here for an example of a Class List.

You may submit your own list or email a board member of the NLEA for a copy of an NLEA class list.

Print these forms which are required for submission after your show is over. Please keep a copy for yourself.

1. Form 2 – Show Premium Form
2. Form 3a – Hunter/Jumper
3. Form 3b – Equitation

Show Organizers - Include the following statement in the prize list you mail out:

Year End awards will only be awarded to MEMBERS of the NLEA.  Riders must be members to receive year end awards in EQUITATION classes and horses and riders need to be members (horses need to be recorded) for HUNTER and JUMPER awards.